Berlin Bazaar
ABOUT the Event
Berlin Bazaar.
7 - 11 September

#NewProducts #OutfitsAndAccesories #DesignsAndDecor

Why attend- Witness and be a part of an amazing exhibition which displays home decor, gems, jewelry, artifacts and fashion accessories.

A five-day event in Germany’s capital city, it leaves everyone in awe. Filled with vibrant, delicate, ethnic and intricate designs and decor, the Berlin Bazaar is a paradise for art lovers. There are specimens from an array of products such as home furnishings, garments, fashion accessories, musical instruments, nutritious food and gift articles.

Come, be a part of this magnificent product display. Meet with a diversified crowd of people coming from varied backgrounds, only to culminate and share the passion for beauty.

The Berlin Bazaar takes place September 7-11, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.