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About Event

Thousands of tips for traditional and original Christmas surprises, a festive atmosphere, the aroma of cooked wine and Christmas specialties, and a fantastic pre-Christmas program for children and adults - all come to Incheba on Christmas Eve. During the pre-Christmas period, visitors can buy in Incheb not only Christmas decorations, but also toys, books, cosmetics, jewellery and costume jewellery, clothing, electronics, interior accessories and many other interesting little things and Christmas presents for their loved ones. The best fun and relaxation in the pre-Christmas period is full of weekends to take care of pre-Christmas activities.

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Christmas Markets

Christmas days in Bratislava, Incheb, once again give space to Slovak traditional and original products and the chance for Indian exhibitors to showcase their products with them. During the coming December weekends, a variety of creative, goodies, handmade gifts or decorations are waiting for visitors to the vibrant Christmas markets under one roof. Thanks to them, the most beautiful holidays can be even more brilliant in the year.

Highlights of The Event

  • The atmosphere of Christmas markets in the comfort of the interior
  • Attractive accompanying program
  • Games and festival
  • Presentation of traditional crafts
  • High traffic
  • Extensive media campaign throughout the exhibition

Highlights of The Dni Vianoc 2017


10,000 m2 of
showroom area



  • Clothes
  • Home Décor
  • Handbags
  • Handmade gifts - photo album, painted silk scarfs, hand-painted spectacle case
  • Leather glass
  • Home accessories
  • Fireworks
  • Christmas decorations
  • Jewellery - crocheted jewellery
  • Electronics
  • Toys - crocheted toys, caps, slippers or chocolate figures
  • Books
  • Corn husk dolls
  • Candles, & lace

Benefits of The Event

  • 20 days long event!
  • A big old platform for Christmas shopping
  • High footfall - 89,736 visitors (last year)
  • Extensive media campaign throughout the exhibition (i.e 20 days long publicity making your brand popular)
  • 20 days show at the price of 10 days
  • Win new customers!
  • Top visitor target groups enable you to do good business!
  • Increase your sales!
  • Enhance your image!
  • On par with competitors!
  • Reaching out the new destinations

About Bratislava

  • Capital of Solavakia
  • Country’s largest city by population
  • One of the smallest capitals in Europe
  • Estimated population - 420,000
  • City Area - 142 square miles
  • One of the richest countries in the European Union
  • All this with Central Europe's greatest river as a backdrop
  • Two capital cities nearby - Vienna (80km) and Budapest (200km) - reachable also by a boat on the river Danube.
  • Europe's most relaxed capitals, because everything is in close vicinity, reachable within a few minutes walking distance.
  • The city itself has its old-town charm, sophisticated restaurants, traditional pubs, good music ranging from jazz to opera, stylish people, and a human scale.
  • Take a short walk from the city centre to modern shopping malls located on both banks of the Danube.Open seven days a week. Offer a variety of shopping experience from designer brands to gift shops selling small gifts.

About The Venue

  • Incheba, the convention center in Petrzalka, just across the river from the Bratislava´s old town, is having its ´Christmas Days´ (DniVianoc)
  • Easily walkable from the Old Town.
  • Since the event is at Incheba it will be indoors and heated, which is especially nice for anyone who does not want to be outside during the cold weather.
  • Admission will be open for anyone older than 6 years old and parking is free. The event will last from 30 November until 19 December 2018.

Incheba Expo Bratislava
851 01 Petržalka, Slovakia

30th November – 19th December 2018